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Connect to Production Database with pgAdmin 4

These were the only pages I edited in pgAdmin. I used an ssh tunnel so the connection was localhost. My user did not have a password (bad for production? lol). Swap out postgres for your user and your db name in the Maintenance database field.



Backup the Database

  • Right click on your database and choose backup.
  • Add a filename on the General tab. Save it somewhere you can find it from the command line.
  • Tab: Data/Objects
    • Section: Type of Objects
      • Only data
      • uncheck ‘Blobs’
    • Section: Do not save
      • Owner
      • Privilege
  • Tab: Options
    • Use Column Inserts

ssh-image ssh-image

Restore the database

I didn’t care about the data in my database so in order to prepare I did

rails db:drop db:create db:migrate

Then I ran

docker exec -i <db_container_name> pg_restore -U <postgres_user> -v -d <database_name> < /path/to/dump/file.sql

Migration commands failed because I had already run the migrations. That was ok.

And voila. Database copied.